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Help with the Image Bank and FAQ's:

I can access the Image Bank, but can't see any images when I search -- What's going on? - We have discovered that certain 'Pop-up' advertising prevention software and security privacy control software (e.g. Norton) can cause images in the Image Bank not to display properly, giving a red x or a broken image on the screen in place of the actual image. To test if this is affecting you, you might try turning off the software while you browse the images. If you do not have this software running, or if turning off the software does not eliminate the issue, please contact us so that we can address this as a separate matter. We are currently working on a long-term solution. (We have established that the Google Toolbar, which eliminates pop-up ads, does not cause this issue.)

I can't see additional pages of images after doing a search -- What is wrong? - Unfortunately, we have learned that there is a huge flaw with Netscape versions 4.78 and lower (earlier) - that it tends to truncate URL's within websites. Therefore if you are using an early version of Netscape as a browser, chances are when you click on the additional pages of images for your search, you will be brought back to the search page. We are doing our best to remedy this problem right now, but cannot guarantee that it can be fixed. The best option is to use a different browser (Mozilla and InternetExplorer work best with the Image Bank), or update your version of Netscape to a more recent one (above version 4.78) that does not have this flaw.

I see an image I would like to use for (insert different uses here) - is that allowed? Please see our Image Use page by clicking here, which has our site agreement, and contains what we (and the photographers who contribute to ESWIB) consider to be 'OK' ways to use our images. Non-commercial uses are fine for Image Bank images, commercial use of images is not permitted. If you are interested in commercially using images you should contact the individual photographer or agency directly to inquire about use.

If you are experiencing any other difficulties with the site please feel free to e-mail us.

We will do our best to resolve the problem as soon as possible.



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