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Photo ID: h2a2ohSubject: SoilDescription
Alpine Environment; Creep; Flow; Geomorphology; Landforms; Lobes; Permafrost; Slope Stability; Sludging; Soil Flow; Soil Fluction; Soils; Solifluction; Solifluction Lobes; Taiga; TundraA solifluction lobe in Alaska. Solifluction is the slow downslope movement of waterlogged soil. A solifluction lobe is an isolated, tongue-shaped feature, formed by more rapid solifluction on certain sections of a slope showing variations in gradient. It commonly has a steep front and a relatively smooth upper surface.
Bruce Molnia

Credit Line: Copyright Bruce Molnia, Terra Photographics
North America; United States; Alaska
Photo Quality | Large 

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